Anonymous Reporting Procedures

If you have a question about the Code, Company policy or the law, always seek guidance. There are a number of resources available to assist you. Feel free to contact any of the following resources with questions, concerns or reports:

  • Your manager
  • Human Resources
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Legal Services
  • The Willis Towers Watson Ethics and Compliance Hotlines (see below)

If you have a reasonable, good-faith concern that the Code has been violated, you have an obligation to promptly report it to one of the resources listed above. Directors of Willis Towers Watson plc should report violations to the Audit Committee.

Efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality within legal and practical limits. If you do not feel comfortable reporting through one of the individuals named above, or if you have a concern that your report is not being addressed satisfactorily, you have the option of reporting your concern to the Ethics and Compliance Hotlines.

Ethics and Compliance Hotlines (the “Hotlines”) are provided by an independent third-party. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While individuals are encouraged to identify themselves, anonymous reports are accepted where local law allows. Anonymous reports will be addressed to the extent possible based on the information provided. You may call the Hotlines free of charge. Please refer to the Hotline numbers listed in the Appendix of this Code.